Terms and conditions

1. Scope

Our general terms and conditions of sale apply in their entirety and without exception to all our quotations, orders, sales, deliveries and invoices. The customer acknowledges that he has formally taken note of these conditions and accepts them without reservation. In the event of purchase conditions of the buyer that conflict with the general terms and conditions of sale of the seller, only the latter shall apply.

2. Prices

Our prices include VAT. The prices do not include freight costs and price changes that are not dependent on the will of the seller. Price changes may be a result of an increase in production costs, raw materials, wages, transport costs and government-imposed charges and/or taxes. Our prices include excise duties and environmental taxes if applicable to the product sold.

3. Quotations

Quotations to professionals are only valid for a period of 30 days. An order only becomes final after it has been accepted by the seller and the agreed deposit has been paid.

4. Changes

Changes to orders must be expressly agreed in writing.

5. Delivery times

Our delivery times are always approximate and are met by the company as far as possible. Late deliveries can never lead to cancellation of the order, termination of the purchase, a reduction in the price, or payment of any compensation by our company to the buyer.

red products.

7. Deliveries

All shipments to the buyer are always at the buyer's risk, even if our company is responsible for the transport. With regard to transport costs, the conditions stated on the price lists or website of the service provider apply.

8. Disconnection

Termination of the agreement (including cancellation) entitles the non-terminating party to a termination compensation of 40% of the agreed price, without prejudice to the right to prove higher damage. In the event of proven force majeure, the parties are released from paying termination compensation.

9. Payments

All our invoices are payable to Bulles & Friends in cash and without any discount. The interest is due automatically, by operation of law and without prior notice of default from the due date of the invoice. In the event of default of payment, late payment interest will be charged equal to the statutory interest rate increased by 4% per year, more a contractual increase of 10% on the principal amount of the outstanding invoice(s). If one invoice is not paid, all invoices outstanding at that time become due and payable, and the seller may withhold other orders already placed by the buyer until the outstanding invoices have been paid.

10. Retention of title

The seller retains ownership of the goods until full payment of the price. However, the risk passes upon delivery.

All personalized designs created by Bulles & Friends remain the intellectual property of Bulles & Friends. The designs may only be used by the purchaser through Bulles & Friends and not through another printer or service provider. Bulles & Friends reserves the right to reuse the design and display it for marketing purposes. The purchaser's own logos naturally remain the purchaser's property and will not be displayed without the purchaser's approval. 

11. Disputes

Only the court of the judicial district of Halle-Vilvoorde has jurisdiction for all disputes.

Privacy policy

The Bulles & Friends Belgium online store on the website www.bullesfriends.be, based in 1742 Ternat Belgium, processes personal data provided by the Customer in order to comply with and additionally confirm the General Terms and Conditions, to process electronic orders and shipments. processing and for the necessary communication during a legally required period.

General provisions

1. The controller for personal data in accordance with the GDPR (hereinafter referred to as "Regulation") is Bulles & Friends, based in 1742 Ternat (hereinafter referred to as "Controller");

2. The contact details of the Controller are: e-mail: info@bullesfriends.be.

3. Personal data is any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person.

The source of personal data

1. The Controller processes personal data obtained with the Customer's consent and collected through the contract for the purchase and fulfillment of the electronic order made in the online store […].;

2. The Controller only processes the identification and contact details of the Customer, which are necessary for the execution of the purchase contract;

3. The Controller processes personal data for shipping and accounting purposes and for the necessary communication between the contractors for the duration required by law. Personal data will not be disclosed and will not be transferred to other countries.

Purpose of data processing

The Controller processes personal data of the Customer for the following purposes:

1. Registration on the website www.bullesfriends.be in accordance with Chapter 4, Section 2 of the GDPR;

2. For the execution of the electronic order made by the Customer (name, address, e-mail, telephone number);

3. To comply with laws and regulations arising from the contractual relationship between Customer and Controller;

4. Personal data are necessary for the execution of the purchase contract. The contract cannot be concluded without the personal data.

Duration of storage of personal data

1. The Controller stores personal data for the period necessary for the fulfillment of rights and obligations arising from the contractual relationship between the Controller and Customer and for a period of 3 years after the end of the contractual relationship;

2. The Controller must delete all personal data after expiry of the period necessary for the storage of personal data.

Recipients and processors of personal data

Third parties that process the Customer's personal data are subcontractors of the Controller. Services of these subcontractors are indispensable for the successful execution of the contract for the purchase and processing of the electronic order between the Controller and the Customer.

Subcontractors of the Controller are:

Webnode AG (online store system);

Shipping company;

Google Analytics (website analytics);

Customer Rights

In accordance with the Regulation, the Customer is entitled to:

1. the right of access to personal data;

2. the right to rectification of personal data;

3. the right to erasure of personal data;

4. the right to object to the processing of personal data;

5. the right to data portability;

6. the right to withdraw consent for the processing of personal data, in writing or by e-mail at: info@bullesfriends.be

Security of personal data

1. The Controller declares that he will take all technical and organizational precautions necessary for the protection of personal data;

2. The Controller has taken technical precautions to secure the data storage areas, in particular protecting access to the computer with a password, using anti-virus software and carrying out regular maintenance of the computers.

Final provisions

1. By placing an electronic order on the website www.bullesfrieds.be, the Customer confirms that he is aware of all the conditions for the protection of personal data and fully accepts them;

2. The Customer accepts these rules by checking the box in the order purchase form;

3. The Controller may update these Rules at any time. The new updated version should be published on its website.

These Rules come into effect on 01/10/2023