Who are we? (who am I?)

Your friend Dany: Passionate about bubbles & good food. After years of passion for everything related to gastronomy, I decided to finally take the step and share my passion with everyone who is interested. Like most people who start in this field, I have not followed a diploma or course in oenology. Everything I know about sparkling wines I learned through books that I bought out of passion and on the ground by spending hours with the producers on site.

 The advice I give arises from my experiences with sparkling wines, the expertise of professionals in this domain and a listening ear for people with a passion for this. By observing and listening to people's comments I have been able to understand what we like to drink here in our small country, at what time we like to drink it and with which dish it goes best. Of course, advice can never be 100% accurate because not everyone has the same taste, but there is a certain pattern that can be followed. It is for that reason that I offer various services such as finding the perfect match for your special event (wedding party, family meeting, etc...)


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